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Card Power Bank 10000mAH

Built in 2 in 1 Cable with Android & iPhone Pin, plus Separate Type C Pin  

Ideal while travelling, outdoor use  

Ideal for all smart phones  

Li- polymer battery  

Size 130 x 73 x 15mm  

Material ABS Leather  

Light Weight 

Rs. 495

USB Charge Cable: Built-in micro USB charge cable with Apple 8-pin lightning connector makes it compatible with any devices.

Charge two devices at a time: It comes with two USB ports, which can be used to charge two devices simultaneously.

Portable Power Bank: Both the charge cable and connector are neatly tucked away, ready to use at any situation.

10000mAh Power Bank: The high capacity 10000mAh power bank will conveniently solve the low power problem for your digital device while on the go.

Battery Capacity10000mAH
Weight350g Approx.
Voltage5.1V DC
InterfaceMicro USB

1. Unbreakable highly slim, leather texture, extremely portable, easy to put into pocket. Fast charging with has attached cable for android and iOS mobile, so no need to carry extra cable.

2. No matter you are travelling, camping or going to show or conference, or you want to charge your iPhone, android phone or GPS, camera etc. Take this 10000mAh ultra slim power bank with you.

3. It has 10000mAh heavy-duty rechargeable batteries and an inbuilt Micro USB connector cable so that you never have to carry the USB cable separately.

4. Compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones, tablets and other USB charged devices with a 5V charge input.