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Pocket Sanitizer Sprayer Bottle

Refillable Spray Bottle

Pocket Spray Bottle

Empty Sanitizer Bottle  

Pocket Sanitizer Sprayer Bottle  

Useful For Personal Care During COVID-19 Pandemic

Handy and Stylish  

Contactless Touch  

Spray Bottle  

Capacity : 20ml

Rs. 20
  • Pocket Size Refillable and multipurpose.
  • 20ml Empty Spray Bottle
  • Portable-Easy to carry anywhere anytime with handbag/belt loop hook. Used for Hand Sanitizer, travel purposes, perfumes, rose water, Toners, other body/room fragrances, home use, Good product for Women safety purpose, Eve teasing, etc.
  • Empty Spray bottle with hook cap, You can hang it on your bag, keychain, Jeans, Belt etc. Very useful as a disinfectant spray.
Capacity 20ml
Size14.3cm height