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Face Shield 2 in 1 Safety Goggles

  • Crystal Clear HD Glass
  • Ergonomic Design for Style & Comfort
  • Anti - Fogging - See & be Seen Clearly
  • Detachable Nose Pad
  • Facemask/ Eyewear Friendly - Can wear on top of spectacles
  • Full face Protection - Against Droplets and Splashes
  • Lightweight
  • Hard Coated - Scratch Resistant
  • Washable. Reusable & Durable


Rs. 499

Easy to Wear – Face Shield is lightweight and designed to be worn like glasses, reducing the uneasy feeling of wearing a face shield.

Stylish yet Comfortable – The ergonomic and minimalist design makes Blocc face shield to wear wherever you go.

Compatible with Glasses & Face Masks – Face Shield leaves sufficient space around the nose and mouth are for most face masks in the market. It is also designed for those with glasses; simply remove the nose-rest and wear it on top.

Practical – While covering the eyes, nose, and mouth, Face Shield has been thoughtfully designed and is suitable for any indoor or outdoor activity.

Reusable – Simply wash it thoroughly with soap and water using your hands after use on a daily basis.

Durable – Made of clear polycarbonate – a durable material used for protective goggles.

Fog & Scratch Resistant – Face Shield is coated with fog and scratch-resistant coatings to mitigate fogging and minor scratches on the shield’s surface.

Stylish, comfortable, and reusable face shield designed for protection and more.

More than a Face Shield – The aerodynamic contours of Face Shield allows it to be used even as a wind deflector for cycling.

1. Have you touched your face yet? I almost did… twice, and while that habit is a difficult one to break, the Face Shield makes it easier to do so while being able to go about your day.  

2. Made from scratch-resistant fog-resistant clear polycarbonate, the Face Shield is as easy (and as comfortable) as wearing a pair of specs.  

3. Two temple-stems suspend the Face Shield by your ears while a nose-bridge allows the visor to rest comfortably against your nose, and roughly an inch away from your face.

4. It sits like an invisible force-field around your face, acting as a constant reminder to not scratch your eye or dig your nose or do anything that would be deemed just plain unhygienic or nasty.