The Inverted Umbrella, an Innovation You Need To See.

1. Opens in an Upside Down Manner Hence Does Not Poke The People Around

With the regular umbrella, opening in a crowd can be a big problem. The umbrella needs a lot of space to open and may poke those who are around you. However, the opposite opening umbrella does not have such problems. You can easily open your umbrella even if you are in the center of a crowd.

The upside down umbrella opens in reverse mode giving you room to open even in very small spaces. Since the umbrella can be used in small spaces, it is also ideal for entering your car without getting wet. With the regular umbrella, you must close your umbrella before getting into your car. This means that you have to be rained on right before you get into your car. However, this umbrella helps you get into your car while still covering yourself.

2. No Water Spills In Your Car Or Home When You Close

The regular umbrella will spill water in your car after walking in the rain. The water has to be left dripping in your car or house since the umbrella gets wet in the rain. However, with this umbrella, you do not have to worry about water spilling in your house. The reverse umbrella creates a cone that captures all the water on the umbrella when you close.

The water is kept in the cone until you choose to pour it out. If you do not spill it out, it will stay inside until you choose to use the umbrella again. This umbrella has a non-absorbent layer that forms the cone in which water is held. The water can be held in the cone for a long time without wetting your car or home.

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